Letter to EU Commission: Mobilizing financial help

18. Juli 2021

President Ursula von der Leyen,
Commissioner Johannes Hahn
European Commission
Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200
1049 Bruxelles

A European catastrophe demands a European answer

Brussels, 18 July 2021

Honourable President von der Leyen,
Honourable Commissioner Hahn,

In these days we are experiencing a big humanitarian crisis in the center of Europe.
Regions in Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany are hit hard by

Thousands of families have lost their homes, sPll many people are missing and too many
have lost their lives.

A European catastrophe demands a European answer.

It’s great to see that the European civil protection mechanism is helping out. Firefighters and
rescue workers from different parts of Europe are helping where help is needed most.
As a next step I am calling for you to prepare economic help for the regions and millions of
European citizens hit by the floods.

I am asking you together with the governments of Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands,
Austria and Germany to prepare mobilizing the Solidarity and Emergency Aid Reserve.
Huge parts of the 690 Mio. Euro left of the reserve should be used for financial help.

As member of the European Parliament I am sure that a broad majority in the European
Parliament will do everything we can in order to ensure that European funding will help the
citizens hit by the floods.

Best Regards,
Rasmus Andresen, Greens/EFA