16. März 2023

Letter to the European Central Bank

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Brussels, 16.03.2023,
Written Question to the European Central Bank

On 2 March 2023, it was reported in Reuters1 that the ECB at its latest Governing Council meeting dealt with the topic of corporate profits as a driver of inflation in the Eurozone.
The plenary of the European Parliament has formally called on the ECB to „regularly publish data on the contribution of profits to inflation“ in paragraph 19 of its 16 February resolution on the ECB annual report2. It is commendable that the ECB is following up on this issue.

However, in order to facilitate an evidence-based public discussion on the causes of inflation and to identify the correct tools to tackle such inflation, the information referenced in the previously mentioned media reports should be publicly disseminated.

1. Would you please provide us with your data analysis on the contribution of corporate profits to inflation?

2. What future information gathering activities has the ECB planned regarding corporate profits as a driver of inflation?

3. How does the ECB envision to publicly disseminate this information?


The full letter can be downloaded here (.pdf).