Date Title Partners
2021-07-14 Digital Markets Act from the perspective of a challenger business TikTok Technology Ltd 165202837974-32
2021-07-13 Digital Markets Act EUROPEAN HOTEL FORUM (EHF) 621875521401-70
2021-07-08 NextGenerationEU and the opportunities of the new MFF Bpifrance 950921712127-74
2021-06-24 Digital Markets Act Amazon Europe 366117914426-10
2021-06-22 Digital Markets Act EBU-UER (European Broadcasting Union) 93288301615-56
2021-06-09 Dating app providers' perspective on the Digital Markets Act Match Group 694419028666-26
2021-06-09 Digital Markets Act Privacy International (PI) 78180074927-85
2021-06-02 Workers' rights in the digital sector and in the context of the Digital Markest Act Tech Workers Coalition (TWC) Berlin