Date Title Partners
2022-07-14 Crisis management and banking regulation Member
2022-07-13 Employment conditions at the ECB Rapporteur
2022-07-13 Reducing bureaucratic burden Member
2022-07-12 Banking regulation Member
2022-07-07 Enforcement of the DSA Shadow rapporteur for opinion
2022-06-28 Accountability of the ECB Rapporteur
2022-04-20 UNRWA and Palestinian school books Member
2022-04-20 Umsetzung des Basel-Abkommens Member
2022-02-16 Markets in Financial Instruments Member
2022-02-07 Decarbonising the Shipping Sector Rapporteur for opinion
2022-01-12 Role of Gas in the shipping sector Rapporteur for opinion
2021-12-09 LGBTIQ+ Friendly School Ranking Member
2021-12-07 Forum with companies from across the e-fuel for shipping value chain Rapporteur
2021-12-01 Clean Maritime Transport: What role for LNG? Rapporteur
2021-11-11 Joint Stakeholder meeting on FuelEU Maritime Rapporteur
2021-11-10 Joint Stakeholder meeting on FuelEU Maritime Rapporteur
2021-10-25 FuelEU Maritime - priorities from the perspective of European ports Rapporteur
2021-10-20 ETS for shipping's and FuelEU Maritime's impact on Northern Germany Rapporteur
2021-10-15 FuelEU Maritime Rapporteur
2021-10-15 FuelEU Maritime from a port's perspective Rapporteur